40 Years of Painting

40 Years of Painting

She’s been called the “Grandma Moses of Plymouth-Canton” and we are lucky enough to have her at the Village Arts Factory. Sharon Dillenbeck has been painting for over 50 years and has been active in the Plymouth-Canton art scene for more than 40 years. Sharon became involved with the Partnership for the Arts and Humanities way back during the days of fundraising to build the Cherry Hill Village Theater. Now that we have the Village Arts Factory Warehouse open, she has moved her business, D & M Art Studio, into Studio 3A. Sharon has been kind enough to hang many of her paintings in our gallery this month. The show will be open to the public now through the end of March. A date for her reception will be announced later this month. Please feel free to come see her show during normal Warehouse hours, most days from 9am-5pm.

“My intention is to harness my boundless energy for painting. As an American Impressionist, I explore my emotional environment through a full-color palette and paint the feelings that are too often allowed to silently slip away.” She says that she finds teaching others to paint allows them to build their own self-esteem.

D & M Art Studio carries a wide array of art supplies, but also holds classes. They offer free painting classes for vets, discounted classes for parents of Head Start students, as well as classes for the general public of all ages and abilities.

This summer Sharon will be teaming up with fellow Village Arts Factory Warehouse tenant, Jump-A-Rama (in Studio 1) to offer a summer camp for kids. The camp will offer a half-day of exercise with Jump-A-Rama, a lunch break, and another half day of art classes, taught by Sharon at the Warehouse. For more information, or to register for one of Sharon’s classes call 1-(734) 453-3710 or go to

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