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October 2016 Fall Clean-Up

Ford Motor Company employees along with some local Canton Township residents spent a beautiful fall day helping the Partnership with fall clean-up tasks at the Village Arts Factory on October 14th. You could hear the sound of mowers, chain saws, weed whips and more buzzing all morning long! With over 35 people that participated, the before and after photos say it all! Thank you so very much for everyone that volunteered their time and efforts!


Ford Volunteer Corps Lends a Helping Hand

On September 16, 2016, eighteen people from Ford Motor Corps visited the Village Arts Factory to assist with a community beautification project. This was a Ford Accelerated Action Day dedicated to Community Life. Thank you Ford volunteers for helping paint in the new mural on our warehouse in Cherry Hill Village!


PCEP Art Club Mural

On Monday, August 15th, six students from the PCEP Art Club created a 100 foot grid on the north wall of our warehouse. Then they transferred their paper design to the building to produce a mural in black paint. Once finished they lettered the entire mural so that Ford Motor Volunteer Corps could paint in the mural with colored paint on September 16th. The Partnership would like to thank and congratulate these girls on a job WELL DONE!


Lookin’ Beautiful!

Zero Day completes refurbished windows in the Village Arts Factory veterans dormitory.

Brayden Willis, 6th grade- East Middle School

P-CCS 2016 Annual Art Show

The P-CCS annual art show was May 21st this year at Plymouth High School. This art show showcases over 2000 art pieces from K-12 students from every school in the district. This event was open to the public. Hope you will join us next year!


Dormitory Window Update

On April 20th, Zero-Day came out to spend the day at the Village Arts Factory property to remove the rest of the dormitory windows. They were taken back to their workshop in Battle Creek and will be refurbished by veterans.


Community Financial Credit Union’s Volunteer Day

On May 5, 2016, CFCU brought 36 members of their Leadership Team out to the Village Arts Factory to volunteer their time and talents. They completed projects in all 3 buildings and parking lot, along with landscaping. The Partnership is grateful for their support!


Old Time Rock-n-Roll -March 5, 2016

Another huge success!!!!! The Steve King & the Dittilies concert at The Village Theater raised over $12,000!!!

photo 1

Veterans from Zero-Day

As we get ready for construction, veterans are refurbishing the windows in the dormitory at the Village Arts Factory.


Interior Factory Demolition Continues

What started with local volunteers in May 2015, was continued in December 2015 and will be completed in winter 2016.

Veteran's Dormitory

November 2015 First Snow Fall

Beautiful scenery year round!


A Photographer’s View

A sunny November day at the Village Arts Factory …… Carlyn Engel

VAF Sign Cropped

The View from Ridge Road- November 2015

A view from a different direction of the Village Arts Factory property this fall season.

Remedy_Karin Elizabeth

“Got Fiddle?” Fall Fundraiser -October 2015

Thank you to our sponsors, reception participants and patrons that attended our event on October 10th. We raised $6,000 for the Partnership for the Arts & Humanities!

dorm demo (2)

Before and After- August 2015

What started in May…….was completed in August!

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July 2015 Community Volunteer Day

Exterior building maintenance, landscaping and river clean-up……….all tasks accomplished! We are grateful for the community support!


July 2015 Warehouse Demolition

12,000 square feet demolitioned and now we have 3 free-standing buildings on the Village Arts Factory property!


May 2015 Community Volunteer Day

2nd Community Day…… 2 days of interior demolition work with 45 volunteers from 8 cities. Tremendous hard work & community heart!


2015 P-CCS Annual K-12 Art Show

On Saturday, April 25, 2015, P-CCS showcased over 2000 pieces of art from every school in the district.

Jill Engel with CCF managing director Beth Meade

Our Executive Director in the Community

Jill Engel, the Partnership’s Executive Director is all over town!

village potters guild

Local Art

Visual artists, past grant recipients, multi-cultural events, D&M Art Studio, Village Potter’s Guild and more!


2013 Factory Clean-Up Day

Over 100 volunteers from six different cities for our first volunteer day!

factory close overhead

Village Arts Factory Buildings & Property

14 acres and buildings as they look today.